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Guidance/TheOr@cle/RaverX – Charlie Montney II

RaveCore Music(formerly known as Act of Nova) began in early 1996 with an experiment in computer tracked music for sound fx and video game design. Utilizing .mod.xm.it formats for high compression prior to mp2 and mp3 dos based encoders. Working with old Roland, Korg and Yamaha keyboards, drum machines and sequencers to develop the sounds needed for game development.

The style of music and sound created also was gaining popularity in the mainstream, so what once was video game music became club/rave music.
That is where the fun began. Charlie changed the name to RaveCore in 1997 to suite then new direction

Charlie began teaching a good friend Dan (Dynamic) about soft synths,drum machines & an digital music composition.
Charlie later on moved to Chicago in 1999 where they met SirKut (Bill Baran) who was an old skool acid dj.
Soon after 2 young cousins from Buffalo, Action Jackson (AJ) & Dj Skitz (Mike) (Buffalo, NY) joined RaveCore to produce
some unique tracks.

RaveCore music later went on to become regular top rated songs on mp3.com with over 3 million total downloads (Before Vivendi Universal took over). In late 2001 Charlie and RaveCore later hooked up with So-Real Records & European Music Market – EUMM (bzrk black label, hardcore sound creator and other sub labels).In 2002 two great upcoming djs joined RaveCore! Bacchus & Dj Opel, with the help of these new additions we are establishing the beats of RaveCore in Canada.

In 2005 charlie changed his music style and alias to Guidance and started a film/media/animation/ company Act of Media which was later acquired by Cloud Ten Pictures in 2009. RaveCore has stayed underground with very few releases digital or cd/vinyl since then, however… that doesn’t mean we haven’t been writing any new tracks.

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