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These are original tracks and some remixes from other artists. If you would like to have us take a crack at some music for you, feel free to contact us!

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Below you will find original RaveCore music and remixed tracks for other artists for their own compliations.

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Aurora , Ontario Canada
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Justin Blessing
Midlothian, Virginia USA
"Dude Love the Site, Love The Songs.. Love it all. Keep it up and Long live The Empire :) "
Stevensville, On Canada
"Great new design here as well! Keep it up, let's rock and roll! =) andreas "
Andreas Viklund
Porjus, BD Sweden
"This site is fucking insane. I dont know who Rave Core are but this site is good. Check out mine. Not as good but on the way somwhere. "
Perth, Australia
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Erik McAlister
Seattle, WA USA
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Lombard, Illinois u.s.a
" Good site...I like it."
Tanna Janszen
Canberra, ACT Australia
"Your site is amazing. Thanks for the links to web design tools. I hope my site can look like yours someday. Also, excellent music!
Amherst, NY USA
" the design of this web site is fucking excellent!! "
London, Ontario
" Wow, I have listened and downloaded alot of your tracks..mostly the 303 drenched ones, can't wait to hear more of your hardcore beats and 303 riffs "
Rob/DJ Burner
Kingston, Ont Canada
" WOW, this design is overly wicked!! blows me away !!!"
Dave Clarke
Toronto, Ontario
" In all my life ive heard the best rave music in my life and u people need to keep it up ! "
Corpus Christi, TX
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Los Angeles, California United States
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Nikki Duzy
North Tonawanda, NY USA