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RaveCore Music, which is comprised of 8 artists from 3 different countries. Producing music in over 20 Genres of Electronic Music since 1997. If you’re into Electronic music in the genres of Rave,Trance,House,Electro,Gabber,Happy HardCore, Intelligent Techno, Acid & many more take a listen to RaveCore Music.

we are providing a service for other electronic related artists to get more exposure. This tool is meant to co-exsist with any of the current mp3-content/social meida sites. This project is still under development.

RaveCore Music has been on the scene since around 1995. Early in the days of the Electronic Music Era, we began writing our music in certain genres such as Rave, House, Techno & Trance slowly each artist of RaveCore is defining their own unique cross hybrid genre of music. We currently have 10 CDS and we are working on more!! Still interested in learning more about RaveCore?

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